Mobile apps are a guarantee of the strong bond between businesses and their target. These are the most up-to-date IT solutions designed to reduce reaction and response time, to encourage acquisitions, stimulate engagement etc.. It is important to know that when it comes to mobile apps development, the Big City Apps team provides all the necessary resources for an effective development, based on a deep knowledge of the field and a creativity that knows no boundaries.


The image of a business in the online environment is very important in this century marked by numerous technological revolutions. This is why the presence of websites is no longer a surprise, but a reality without which we probably will not be able to adapt to the new and improved business and even social environment. For the modern, confident and ambitious entrepreneur whose goal is to achieve web dev performance, Big City Apps is the perfect partner!


The Big City Apps’ IT support and consultancy service is complete, covers a wide range of solutions and is dedicated to all the smart managers who understand the power of communication and collaboration with specialists in specific areas. Whether you’re facing a theoretical problem or maybe with one that needs a practical solution, the Big City Apps team of specialists can be the one to help you with the observation, recognition and clarification process!

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Team work makes the dream work

At Big City Apps, your projects are on the hands of a young team, dedicated and skilled to meet any challenges, demands and expectations!
Big City Apps specialists are experienced professionals in areas such as programming, development, design, graphics, marketing, communication and sales, and what unites everyone and gives them the status of family is their creativity and passion.

We Build Relationships!


From the very beginning, I felt they were the ones I wanted to work with, and they have always proven their interest in working together, and I found them very customer-oriented, professional and highly proactive. I found there more than programmers or sales people, I found a team with which I want to continue and develop my future projects. They are enthusiastic, professional, dedicated, customer-oriented and, very important, deliver the project on time. I'm glad we decided to go along this road and recommend them with all the warmth and confidence.
Carmen Grigore - Founder TonusApp


It is not easy to find a discussion partner to listen to you patiently, to truly understand what you want, but also to provide you with the expected services on time. And yet there are such people, and we are lucky to meet them. Thank you Big City Apps, thanks to you in the virtual world!

I have discovered in Big City Apps’ specialists not only true professionals ready to put their expertise on the line for their clients, but also patient, assertive and customer-oriented people. I truly recommend them!
Andreea Broasca - Founder and Principal Physical Therapist NeoKINETIC Medical Recovery

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My experience working with Big City Apps was as expected: efficient and with great and satisfying results! It is wonderful to meet the right professionals to succeed in giving life to a concept that exists only in your imagination!
Razvan Acatrini - Fondator Joy Tours Romania

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