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The attention that Big City Apps specialists give to all the Mobile Apps Development projects is the basis of the entire process of creation, implementation, delivery. This way, it is possible to ensure a superior quality of the final products that leave our programmers’ PCs, in order to be developed to the maximum capacity by the smart managers who use Big City Apps’ services.
We are 100% passionate about the mobile applications we create (whether for iOS or Android devices), we fully support, with facts, ideas and customized offers, the entrepreneurs who contact us and we guarantee the efficiency of the final results.

Music &

No matter what role you play in the world of music, or art in general, a mobile app can contribute with many positive changes to your work. Such a mobile app can keep track of and keep on track the audience’s interest, make your artistic schedule public, can increase fan engagement, shape a more available and open image of you, and more. There are many benefits of such an IT solution. All you have to do is contact us, tell us what your idea is and from there, we’ll make the magic happen!

  • Understand audience
  • Sales
  • Stimulate engagement
  • Reward loyalty

Events &

Organizing an event in a professional manner is difficult and requires great attention and a rigorous strategy. A mobile app can ease not only the organizational stage but also the public’s access to information about the event, or even the access at the event itself. With a mobile application dedicated to this vast domain, you can bring together the participants, share the calendar of events, publish a broad portfolio and even create a bridge between you and your current and potential customers.

  • News calendar
  • Notifications
  • Media content
  • Communities

Hotels &

Hotels and casinos have always needed a wide and efficient exposure to reach potential customers: that is, the whole world. And precisely because everyone is part of the target, but not everyone gets the information, the mobile apps for these domains are becoming more and more sought after. Whether they are designed to ease the booking or paying system, to offer prizes and support the passion for smart gambling, to offer promotions or information about such practices, mobile apps are more and more needed for an effective marketing and customer experience.

  • Location's plan
  • Offers & prizes
  • News & info
  • Loyalty system


The activity of NGO’s, although beneficial and very important for the good functioning of the society, often remains unknown to the general public. Not many are interested in this type of civic manifestation and not many are choosing to support or contribute to the causes for which these organizations are struggling. These things can now be easily changed! Through mobile apps, NGO’s can benefit not only from a significant exposure, but also from a real commitment from any smartphone owner. This type of IT solution can reach the public much easier, it can offer a wide openness to NGO missions and can promote an effective and smart contribution system.

  • Communities
  • Causes
  • News & info
  • Donations


The education process is a never ending one and which is bound to adapt to the passage of time. Due to the evolution of technology, mobile apps have become important tools not only for spreading information, but also for concretely supporting the educational process provided by official institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, etc. The mobile applications for the educational system can contribute to the development of the organizational activity, can support the community of pupils or students, can publish and support different cause, can award and reward excellence and they can make a real difference for each of the participants in the learning process.

  • Guides & schedules
  • Communities
  • News & info
  • Campus


The attention given to the way we look will always be a priority for many. That is why, in the field of fitness, there appear to be more and more innovations designed to support the interest of the public. Such an innovation is the mobile app, which is specially designed for this type of activity. Mobile apps can ease the fitness appointment system, but they can also offer clients the opportunity to track their progress, record their exercises, add new sports activities to theirprogram, monitor their diet and the list can go on and on.

  • Exercise tracking
  • Schedule appointment
  • Diet monitoring
  • Statistics


In the modern society it does not matter what you sell, it is important to be at the right place and time. Now, the time is right to meet all of your smartphone using customers! It is very easy to understand why: because over 70% of them use their mobile phones to buy the things they need. A mobile app designed for retail can make a difference for the success of such a business and can bring innovations in terms of public relations, marketing, sales, and even customer experience. Mobile apps created specifically for this domain can simplify the sale and payment method, update information and offers in real time, build the loyalty of the customer and even develop businesses that seem to have no chance anymore.

  • Paying system
  • Notifications
  • Exclusive content
  • Reward loyalty

Big City Apps is providing excellent solutions in terms of mobile application development, web development and round the clock IT support. In order to efficiently manage a high volume of projects and to maintain productivity, a team of talented and experienced professionals works daily to help all the clients bring their ideas to life.

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