Web Design

The creativity, passion and expertise of our specialists in the Web Design team, represent the guarantee of the quality of all those projects we develop and deliver at Big City Apps. We aim to create simple but powerful websites, easy to use and accessible from any type of device. The image of our clients is our image!


Regardless we talk about online shops, catalogue or presentation websites, the web development process conducted by Big City Apps’ specialists knows a lot of programming languages, designed to generate quality and efficiency. Thus, we deliver personalized IT solutions tailored for all types of devices and for all types of users.

Search Engine Optimization

At Big City Apps we professionally care about the online image of our clients. That is why we pay special attention to the optimization process for search engines. Regardless of the business they are asked to offer solutions for, Big City Apps’ specialists provide visitors and get a good placement on the results pages.


Testing services ensures complete security and features functionality of software .
Services we offer :

  • Device compatibility testing
  • Automation testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing

Web development

The rigour, passion and attention with which we work in the Big City Apps team are the guarantee of thorough finite projects that will meet the need for performance. So, it’s safe to say that efficient IT solutions are just a phone call or e-mail away!
Big City Apps encourages projects that focus on adapting websites to any type of device so they run efficiently and be mobile responsive.


One of the oldest entrepreneurial practices, the commerce, has reached and exceeded sales thresholds that could not even be suspected before. This revolutionary development was possible due to the digitization of the sales and its moving where the modern audience was to be found in the largest number: online. If you want to choose our online shop development service, you need to know that Big City Apps’ specialists deliver bold, original and prompt projects, tailored to efficiently run on multiple devices and on different operating systems, using a professional and easy to understand design.

Surprise Your Guests
  • News
  • Discounts
  • Community
  • Paying system


The image of a business in the online environment is essential in this century marked by numerous technological revolutions. That’s why Big City Apps is looking not only to convey the educational component that translates to this need of having websites, but also to provide the fastest, most effective and beneficial IT solutions to all those smart managers who are looking to start, develop and spread the tradition of strong businesses.

Engage your users!
  • Exclusive content
  • Subscribers
  • Notifications
  • Statistics


Big City Apps delivers 100% personalized software solutions developed according to the needs and particularities of each individual entrepreneur. They are specially designed to optimize time and workflow and deliver real-time results. Regardless of the field of activity in which they are implemented, Big City Apps’ custom software can bring major contribution to improving management, sales, delegations etc..

Optimise your business!
  • Client database
  • QR Code reader
  • Inventory
  • Accounting


Big City Apps is providing excellent solutions in terms of mobile application development, web development and round the clock IT support. In order to efficiently manage a high volume of projects and to maintain productivity, a team of talented and experienced professionals works daily to help all the clients bring their ideas to life.

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User-Friendly Web Solutions

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Efficient Application Development Process

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Customizable Web Project Plans

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Expertise In Native Mobile Web Development

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Creative And Experienced Team Of Developers

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Innovative Solutions For High Performance Web Apps

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Web Responsive Web Development Oriented Projects

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Friendly Apps For High Quality User Experience

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High Efficiency Technical Support

Want to transform ideas into reality? Now you have the chance to do just that!

We offer you the possibility of developing daring and efficient IT projects, backed up by our graduate financial solutions, tailored to the needs and resources of your business.